Already established for nearly two centuries in Quebec, mining remains an essential economic activity. Indeed, the first mining operations date back to 1840. This period also marked the appropriation of subsoil by the Quebec Government, which through various legislative and administrative measures, controls and promotes exploration and mining.

The mining industry as we know it today was truly established in the early 1900s. Prospectors followed the Cadillac Fault, going from discovery to discovery. Deposits of various metals, gold in particular, transformed the landscape of the region. Rapidly, mining towns sprouted, thus contributing to the economic development of Abitibi and Quebec.

Founded in 1975, The QMEA is a professional and industrial association representing key players in the field of mineral exploration. It was established through the desire of exploration sector stakeholders (prospectors, geologists, geophysicists, entrepreneurs, investors, and exploration directors) to increase the scope of their activities and to support the development of Quebec mining entrepreneurship.

The Association’s main objective is to support the interests of its members and the 
industry in which it operates to contribute to the sustainable development of our mineral resources. Our primary concern is the improvement of the entire legislative and regulatory framework that governs our activities so that it is more suited to the economic reality of our industry.

Through its various activities, the QMEA offers a framework for business development, encourages exchanges between the various stakeholders in the sector, and provides opportunities for continued training, mainly through events such Xplor, which is held every year at the beginning of October in Montreal and Explo-Abitibi in the spring. These are networking opportunities especially tailored to Quebec’s mining industry.

In the current context of the development, especially Plan Nord, our Association is committed to establishing various means and to collaborate with all parties whom, like us, wish to promote the exploration of our resources and revitalize the Quebec industry.